Chemistry Education Research
Target Inquiry

The TIMU PD program launched in January 2013 and we are preparing for a summer of intensive curriculum development. Support from the National Science Foundation is providing teachers with 15 graduate credits in coursework in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, an annual stipend commensurate with program requirements, travel to regional or national meetings to present work, and a $500 school award for supplies over 2.5 years. The project team is also working with teachers who are serving as research participants in a comparison group. If you wish to learn more about TIMU, please contact TIMU Principal Investigator, Dr. Ellen Yezierski at and visit the TIMU website.

Target Inquiry -
Improving High School Chemistry Teacher Professional Development

Target Inquiry (TI) is a 2-year program designed to improve the quality and frequency of inquiry-based instruction. It meets the professional development needs of high school chemistry teachers while responding to the National Science Education Standards' call for programs that focus on inquiry integrated with learning, pedagogy, and student knowledge.

Launched in 2006 at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) by developers, Ellen Yezierski and Deborah Herrington, TI has served 22 teachers and thousands of high school chemistry students. A 5-year NSF funded study of TI has shown that the program significantly improves instructional quality and student achievement in Chem I and AP Chem.

Access more information about Target Inquiry at GVSU or access 35 teacher-developed/tested inquiry activities in chemistry.

Target Inquiry at Miami University (TIMU) is comprised of 15 graduate chemistry credits. For teachers with an M.Ed., TIMU provides professional growth and credits for salary advancement. For teachers without an M.Ed., TIMU provides professional growth and meets the content and elective credit requirements for the M.Ed. at Miami.